Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Place Value, Rounding & Compensating

Rounding to nearest 10, 100, etc online game

Rounding to nearest 10 - with spaceships

Rounding to nearest 100 - with sharks

A frog board game for rounding numbers up to 1000

How many tens and ones in a number Dog & Frog game

Making 20 - shoot balls to make 20 before the snake hits home

Place penguins on the number bonds - tens, units and hundreds

Numbers to 100 

Shark and Dolphin numbers - choose the correct number so the shark doesn't get the boat

Lifeguard - save the drowning people by selecting tens and units

Fruit Splat -  using hundreds units select and shoot the correct number [goes easy to 550 hard and timed or not

More Fruit Splat with words and numbers up to thousands

Scooter quest - shoot the newspaper to the correct house

Making tens to thousands gremlin game 

Counting or moving blocks to make numbers 

Read and make, Listen and make, count and write - interactive activity

Making Doubles - Robin Hood game

Doubles and number bonds game [includes halves and mult div facts for experts]

Making number bonds to 20 - as fast as possible

Place Value Pirates - collect the pirate with the correct number in the correct place

Place Value Games - selection



Rounding large numbers to nearest thousand, hundreds etc

Rounding to tenths, thousandths and millions etc [NB Choose MEDIUM, HARD or SUPERBRAIN]

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