Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Addition -Stage 3, 4 & 5

Bugabaloo addition game

10's frame activity/game

Odd and Even Jelly diving!

Place Value  Lucky Leprechaun game- hundreds and thousands

Ordering numbers smallest to largest - Balloon Pop

Group counting - continuously adding on game

Fruit skip counting game

Fruit shoot odd and even up to 100

Place value - newspaper dash game

Place value fruit shoot - easy, medium and hard levels

Two player maths addition game - challenge a mate!

An arcade game [variety] gaining in levels - go to level 4 and below until you get practiced!

Car driving game - use the easy section to navigate around and find the hotspots - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice

Jet ski addition - multi-player game

Robot maths - gets harder and harder as you get better

Heaps of FUN monster addition games

basketball game using math

Football game - using 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols

practice your doubles and tens - with Fact Worms

Money - passengers pay on a bus game, also more than, less than

Adding games - heaps choose one that floats your boat!

Space Invaders addition game

number basketball - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

the Dartboard game

Addition challenge

Digital HIGH LOW game


  1. The games are very helpful for the math game and for our brains

  2. I like the game jelly diving it really gets my brains going.Kirsten

  3. I really like the maths game fun monster game. It is really FUN!!!!!

  4. Skech world is fun and ping pong the pandai completed skech world. Brandon

  5. I really the arcade game it is so cool.

  6. I really like the arcade game it is so cool.Also it is really fun.It is my favourite game.

  7. Wow I like all those games like money and newspaper boy and ecxetra.Tamanna