Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fantastical Fractions Stage 5 +

Fractions game practice - equivalent fractions, decimals and fractions addition, multiplication and division football game and  = select them from the hard section Funbrain

Understanding fractions and working with them Fractions Understanding

Practicing with equivalent fractions chemistry game

More practice matching equivalent fractions

Or target practice with your equivalent fractions

Fractions - scroll down to the fractions section order them correctly from biggest to smallest [be careful it gets harder each time]

Fraction games - gets harder and harder so watch out!

More fun fraction games to test your knowledge, scroll down to the bottom on this page!

Practice your fractions, decimals and percentages and test yourself too.

MASSES of fractions games to practice and test your skill level here - Fantastical Fractions 

Online fractions games, adding, equivalent, bowling, splatting and more!

Test your fraction skill! Set the LEVEL to 5 or above - to test your fraction knowledge.  This tests identification, filling, placing fractions on a number-line and ordering fractions and decimals

Decimals to fractions game

Fractions and Decimals challenges - match the pairs. Find the fraction that matches the decimal.

Scroll to find heaps of fraction games - choose the higher levels to challenge yourself!

Design the flags into 3rds - painting

Order the fractions on the plants - harvest the fruit and make some cash!

Games to practice fractions and games to practice decimals

Drag and drop fraction tasks online

Adding decimals, subtracting and multiplying with decimals online tasks

Sushi Fractions - make the fractions for the required orders

Death to decimals - convert them to fractions

Equivalent fractions dolphins game

Heaps of games here - Hooda Maths - [ignore the ads at the top of the page]

Learning how DECIMALS are made up using a digital learning object

Making PIZZAS according to the order - be careful to use the right amounts

Equivalent fractions - feed the dolphins 

FRACTION games including equivalents, decimals etc

Challenge yourself to these fraction games - make sure you have to think!

Written and created by Room 9 and Room 16 based on the song by Michael Fraction [whoops we mean Michael Jackson song.... Beat It


  1. I like fractions in to thirds because I know what one third is now because i did not know what one third was.
    by Kirsten

  2. Man I just love that game flags into 3rds