Monday, June 3, 2013

Geometry Level 5 +

List of geometric Shapes with information about each shape - for reference or designing game cards

3D shapes, solids and nets, includes angles etc - teaching, learning and tests

Angles, grids, shapes and measures - play, read and quiz 

Find the right angle to locate the bananas for the Monkey - Angle game 

Mass of shape games - symmetry, 2D, 3D, quadrilaterals, triangles, tangrams, tessellations,  angles and co-ordiantes

Symmetry game - know the lines of symmetry for different shapes, see how a shapes folds up on itself, read the properties of each shape

 Guess the angle - check with the protractor - estimating angles, using 1 degree, using 5 degrees, using 10 degrees, flash game

Sports Game to learn about measuring angles - football, hockey etc

Co-oridnates activity - catch the Robber [x and y axis]

Co-ordinates activity - target practice LOTS of levels  [x and y axis and uses negative grid]

Co-ordinates activity - Homer's donuts  [uses negative grid]

Co-Ordinates activity - locate Billy the Bug [uses negative grid]

Co-ordinates  activity - locate the Aliens [uses negative grid]

Co-ordinates activity - park the car [uses negative grid]

Co-oridnates activity - writing co-ordinates  [uses negative grid]

Co-ordinates activity - stock the shelves 

Co-ordinates games variety - Woodlands

Tessellation artist

Symmetry Game - gain points and rotational symmetry activity

Fly the PLANE to send supplies to the island

Tangram game/challenge

Bunch of flash games using co-ordinates [choose a HIGHER age game]

Guess the angles of the shapes

TETRIS game online - fit the shapes as they fall

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