Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Multiplication - Stage 3, 4 & 5

A large variety of flash games for multiplication, click on the link and choose a game that tests your knowledge - Woodland School

More flash games to test your times tables recall knowledge - Interactive

Choose your game carefully to challenge yourself Interactive multiplication games 

Even more flash games, specific levels and tables, games galore - Copacabana 

basketball game using math

Multiplication challenges - use the x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, x10

Picnic Multiplication share food among the people at the picnic table

Practice multiplication with this game about the family

heaps of FUN monster multiplication games

HUGE variety of cool games including monsters

heaps of times-table games - choose one and test your skills!

Multiply game up to 25

Shoot Ghosts that are a multiple of 10

Mixed multiplication - answer questions to wash the cars!

The Alien game 

Learn your times tables using songs and rhymes!


  1. I really like your blog it makes your maths really good and I like the game Superstar it fun to play.

    Nolwazi Summerland Primary

  2. I quite like the games in Woodland School. The game I like in Woodland School is Multiplication Grand Prix because it's a car race that you answer math questions to make your car go.


  3. I think these games are outstanding and I don't think you need to change any thing because it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Hello!

    My favorite game is: Tug Tractor (Woodland)
    Because the Tables are random so you can't cheat and you don't know what's coming next.


  5. These games are really fun. I have learn't heaps of things especially My times tables. I think that these games are awesome, they have helped me a lot and now I'm really fast at them and also I have notice that In every single game It has to do with times tables. This website should stay Because I have enjoyed myself and other people should have too!!!!!!!!

  6. i lov the game super star cool as it is so fun and fantastic

  7. These games are awesome, I liked the '' Maths magicain " game, it was timing me and made me faster, also it was fun.... When I played a game with the class I'm pretty fast.