Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Multiplication - Stage 5 +

Select the level that you need to practice from the games here - Copacabana

Test your time - select the button that tests all your tables from 0 -12 - the Timernator - keep a record of your time and score

Choose your game carefully to challenge yourself Interactive multiplication games 

Practice multiplication with this game about the family 6x, 7x, 8x

Heaps of times-table games - pick one and test your skills - challenge yourself at the higher levels!

Multiply game to 100

Multiplication challenges - use the x6, x7, x8, x9

Mixed multiplication - answer questions to wash the cars!  Choose the challenging questions!

Fast paced games to practice multiplication facts

Some funky songs and rhymes to learn your times tables

A funky wordy and mathsy site for folk who wish to be challenged....try



  1. i really like the Copacabana cause it has cool games and the backround


  2. Hi there the first game I played on here was math models. I really liked it because you could guess what the answer was. It was kool how at the end of the game you could dress up people! I really liked playing all the multipulcation games because I learn't some of the 6 and 7 times tables :)
    I had a bit of fun.



  3. I love to do Questionaut. But I don't like the Multiplication L-4+ picture. I wish we can put some interesting games in this blog.

    By Jae

  4. My favorite game is Maths Model you can choose a level and you can dress up a doll while your putting the answers in.
    Its my favorite game because it keeps you busy you won't get board with this game.
    This game is suitable for all ages.


  5. I love the beach rush game for when you done all the times you get to play this cool as guy . and you get ice-crem cones. some times we have a comp to see how can get the most of all

    moves: up or space bar is jump, left is ruing left, right is for ruing right

  6. Hi,
    I like the game 'Hooda Maths Tables' Because it has a good variety of maths tasks, Addition, Multiplacation, Subtraction, and more.
    But I think that you could maybe choose a character (Hooda) as in Boy or Girl and have different monsters too.


  7. I just love Copacabana because it has spectacular games, my favorite games are Super Stars and Beach Rush because they have all the times tables and it is a adventure game which is my style of games I think you should add a bit more math games coz I really would like to try them out

  8. Hi I like superstar because its like a adventure game

    From Vikram

  9. I'd like Questionaut because it makes me learn things and fun for me,but L1-3 are really easy and sometimes I don't learn anything so I always do L4 or Questionaut.
    Thanks for making this blogs.

  10. I tried answer questions to wash the cars as well as Copacabana, I prefer the last because of the number of games offered. Their games are awesome.

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